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Herbert Buffum, 1879-1939



Herbert Emery Buffum(1879-1939)


 家族と共にカリフォルニアに転居し、キリストに回心した18歳の時から、Buffumは伝道職への召しを感じていた。ナザレン教会において伝道者の資格を与えられ、ホーリネス/ペンテコステ派の伝道者となった。また、個人的な経験から生まれた多くの賛美歌を書いた作詞家でもあり、10,000曲をかき、そのうち1,000曲が出版されている。Ripleyの"Believe It or Not"には、ある時彼が1時間の間に12曲を書いた、と書かれている。才能あふれる音楽家ではあったが、Buffumは正式な音楽教育を受けたことがなかった。自分の作品のほとんどは5ドルか、それ以下で売った。彼が亡くなったとき、ロサンジェルス・タイムズ紙は、彼を「ゴスペル作家の王様」と呼んでいる。

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My Sheep Know My Voice
All My Childhood I Hated
Awful Days of Tribulation
Come Now to Jesus, He Calleth Thee
Could We Catch the Glistening of the Dew
Cross That Was Planted on Calvary's Brow, The
Devil Now Is Raging, The
Do Not Be Discouraged When the Dark Clouds Come
Do Not Sing, Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?
Down in the Depths of the Spirit Filled Life
Ever Since I Started Out to Follow Jesus
Every Day Has Its Sunset
Fight Is On, The
Get a Smile from Jesus
God Can Make a Way When There Is No Way
Have the Dark Clouds Settled
Have You Ever Wandered Away from Your Home?
He Abides
He Keeps on Loving Us Still
Heathen at Your Door, The
Heaven Comes Down My Soul to Greet
Here So Many Are Taking Vacation
I Belong to Jesus, He's My Friend
I Could Not Tell in Many Years
I Dreamed I Had Searched All Through Heaven for You
I Find a Safe and Sure Retreat
I Had Wandered Far from the Fold
I Have a Friend Who Is Always the Same
I Have a Hallelujah Chorus in My Soul
I Have Heard the Call for Workers
I Have Said I Will to Jesus
I Hope to Live Till Jesus Comes
I Know Not Why My Way Is Hedged About
I Love My Blessed Savior No Matter What He Sends
I Love My Savior, So I Seldom Stop
I May Not Always Understand
I Never Loved Jesus as I Love Him Now
I One Time Felt a Pity for the Christians
I Want to Be Ready When Jesus Comes Back
I Want to Go Deeper in Jesus
I Was a Stubborn Child
I Was Feeling Bowed Down
I Was Just as Wretched as a Soul Could Be
If Burdened Your Heart
If Death Ended All and if Man Had No Soul
If the Bible Is True, There Is Heaven to Gain
If You Have Ere Listened to God's Tender Voice
If You Have Grown Weary and Heart-Sick of Sin
If You Would Enter Heaven
If Your Sins Are All Forgiven and Your Heart Is Clean
If Your Sins Have Been Forgiven You
I'm a Pilgrim and a Stranger
I'm but a Pilgrim Here Below
I'm Going Higher Some Day
I'm Going Through
I'm Having a Good Time with Jesus
I'm in Love with Jesus, the Lover of My Soul
I'm So Glad That Jesus Came
In Meditation Deep One Night
In the Center of God's Will I'm Sweetly Resting
In the City Where the Lamb Is the Light
In the Hollow of His Hand, I Am Safely Sheltered
Isn't He Wonderful?
It May Not Seem Welcome Now
I've Been Traveling for Jesus
I've Entered into Canaan from Egypt's Bondage
I've Started Out to Walk the Pathway to Heaven
I've Turned My Back Forever on Old Satan
Joy of One Day in His Presence, The
Just a Little Smile from Jesus
Just Ahead Are Greater Things
Keep Looking, Keep Looking
Let's Talk About Jesus
Lift Me Up Above the Shadows
Long My Feet Had Wandered on in Paths of Folly
Long My Soul Was So Restless
Lord, I Long to Be Holy
Love Stands the Test in Every Trying Hour
Made One in Christ, O What a Blissful Union
My Heart Is Fixed, O God on Thee
My Heart Is Running o'er with Praise
My Heart Is So Happy in Jesus
My Heart Was Always Restless
My Heart Was Closed to the Savior's Knock
My Life Is No Longer All Tarnished By Sin
My Life Is Now Hidden with Christ in God
My Little Bark Was Tempest Tossed
My Sheep Know My Voice
My Sins, Which Were Many
Nearer, My Lord, to Thee
Not Now: Go, Spirit, Go Thy Way
O Do Not Be Discouraged When the Dark
O How Well I Remember
O Wanderer Afar from the Dear Shepherd's Fold
O Wanderer, Far from Thy God Astray
Often I've Watched the Clouds
Old-Fashioned Meeting, The
Once I Saw Deliverance a Long Way Off
Once I Thought That Glory Land
Out of the Power and Darkness of Sin
Praise God for a Present Salvation
Praise the Lord for the Blood
Praise the Lord, I Have an All Sufficient Savior
Prodigal Had Wandered from His Father's Home, The
Say Not That God His Face Has Hidden from You
So Many Are Building
So Many Are Saying Because of the Times
Some Want Silver, Some Want Gold
Someone Will Come to the Fold Tonight
Speak a Little Word for Jesus
Take Me in Thy Fold
Tell It Everywhere You Go
There Are Days That We All Have Forgotten
There Are Lengths and Breadths
There Are Plenty of Doubts About Lots of Things
There Is Only One Way to Be Cleansed from Your Sin
There Is Soon to Dawn an Everlasting Day
There's a Big Time Coming, and It's Not Far Away
There's a Great Loving Father in Heaven
There's a Keeper of Books
There's a Song in My Soul
There's a Wonderful Invention
There's Coming a Wonderful, Wonderful Day
They Led Him Away to Be Crucified
Though Dark Be the Way
Though Far You May Wander Away from the Fold
Though the Hosts of Sin Assail
Through the Word of Our Testimony
Wee Little Child Had Been Left All Alone, A
What a Wonderful, Wonderful Love
What Though the Days May Seem Dreary
What Though the Way Be Rough
When All Seems Dark and the Fierce Billows Roll
When at Last My Work on Earth
When Days Are Dreary, When Heart Is Weary
When First I Was Converted
When I Become Weary and Tired
When I Take My Vacation in Heaven
When Jesus Laid Aside the Crown
When Laden with Sin and Bowed Down with Grief
When Our Work on Earth Is Ended
When the King Returns in Glory
When the Roll Is Called in Heaven
When the Trials of Life Seem Almost Too Heavy
When We Come to Meet Around the Great White Throne
When We Walk with the Savior
When You Hear the Thunder Booming
When You Start to Follow Jesus in the Narrow Way
When You're One Step from God
Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today?
Where I Am Going There Is No Sorrow
While Walking with My Savior
Who Is the One Who Can Give Sweet Peace?
Who Is the One Who Never
Whole World Looks Brighter and Better to Me, The
Why Repine Because You Cannot Fill
Wonderful Message I Bring unto You, A
Would You Know the Message for This Very Day?
Would You Know the Secret?
Would You Understand the Secret of the Overcomer's Life?
You Ask Where Is Heaven
You Say You Feel the Savior's Presence